samedi 21 août 2004

Mother tongue disciples

Much thanks to Josiah of Wholly His for taking a look at my blog and finding the solution to the sidebar problem (really quickly too!). It all fits together now :)

I changed my template to this because it seemed to be fitting to the idea of missions. Because of this wonderful course I took earlier this year called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, I've been learning more about the challenges in mission work and also the joy of seeing God's Word spreading to every corner of the world. Here's an excerpt from an article about the reality of every language standing before the throne of God:

"The mother tongue is the language people learn first at their mother's knee; in which they learn to think and talk about the world around them, to interact with people closest to them, to acquire and express their values, the language which becomes part of their personality and identity, and which expresses ethnicity and solidarity with their people....

Wise good news communicators will work for lasting results. They will do the challenging work of linguistic assessment and Bible translation. They'll do this difficult work with the people in mind, with the outcome in view, so that they will endeavor to bring the gospel to every people in a language that they not only understand, but that the people will use to become mature disciples, build the church, extend the good news, and worship God in meaningful ways for their own people."

- Barbara F. Grimes, From Every Language

I can't wait until I'll be able to hear every tongue and tribe praising God in heaven with such beautiful songs!

I keep this image before me as I learn biblical Greek this year and any other language I will need to study and become well-versed in so that I can serve God and people wherever He calls me to.

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