mercredi 18 août 2004

Frustration abounds

Errgh, can't for the life of me figure out why my sidebar won't match up with the body of the page. Any techies know why? I've tried to change every possible setting on Blogger but it's driving me nuts because there is no answer!

On happier news, I've finished my course, (somewhat, to an audible extent) have my voice back, and am getting ready for school in less than twenty days away! Work is going to be busy these next few weeks, as will the first two weeks of classes. I pretty much either go to class and then work or work and then go to class. That will be my life in September.

Funny anecdote:
I was driving to something a few weeks back and saw a van with the following words in the rear window (put on there with white stickers): Caution - Blind Man Driving. Well I almost had a heart attack thinking, "What?!" Then underneath in the tiniest letters was an advertisement for some company that sells blinds. Talk about a double entendre!

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