dimanche 22 août 2004

First Blog Entry

Hey Everyone!
Ok, so this is my first entry on a blog. It is kind of exciting!

Recently I have been reading a book called "MEAN GIRLS", which talks about how to stand up to the "mean girl" who is in your life. By mean girl I mean someone who harasses you just because they feel like it. I have found it interesting that it really doesn't matter who you are or where you come from every female I have met seems to have a story about a mean girl. Why is that girls find the need to spread rumours about one another, talk behind each others backs, and call each others foul names? Any guy I have spoken to has really never experienced that kind of cruelty. Their form of cruelty usually involves physical torment whereas girls go for emotional/psychological torment. Maybe it is how males and females are set up. Guys are more physical and girls are more emotional. Now that I have kind of ranted on that, let's go back to the book. It goes into great detail about how you should confront the person who is harassing you and not seek revenge. It states that when you chose to seek revenge it just allows the "mean girl cycle" to continue. I think that is really cool, because as someone who has experienced many mean girls it puts into perspective how we could be allowing the "cycle" to continue by getting back at those who hurt us. Also, we are not the ones who are to seek vengeance, for it is the Lord's alone, and who knows God may just use that situation to reach out to the person who is harassing you. Ok so I think I have gone on long enough, and to some of you it may seem I am just rambling so I am going to end it now. God bless y'all!