mardi 20 juillet 2004

Whether the weather

I finally went to the Stampede this weekend, but suffered from heat exhaustion as a result. I'm not completely surprised by the weather we've been having, but it seems more extreme this year than before. It was nice when I went to the library this afternoon but when I left, there was a massive rainstorm that drenched me. I couldn't see the road as I was driving home and I even had a few drivers veer into my lane. Then five minutes after I got home, the sky broke open and the brightest sunshine came out.

Anyways, that's enough about the weather :) I've been busy as usual these last weeks with work, and my feeble attempts of finishing my last course from the winter semester. I'm going to get a quarter of it done tomorrow night so I can finally catch up. I've also been looking into seminaries to go to. My parents are suggesting that I narrow down my choices now, just like most students do in high school in preparation for college. I feel ridiculous that I'm already requesting information from graduate schools when I haven't finished my degree yet but it sure is fun going through some catalogues and brochures. I'm also looking to take the Teaching English as a Second Language course/program. There's so much I want to take part in over the next few years that I don't know how to squeeze it all in!

I have been able to watch some television this summer though, a rarity during the school year. A quirky show that's quickly becoming one I don't want to miss is Arrested Development. The family is so odd, yet.. the humour surpasses that of most other sitcoms. That's my tidbit for tonight.

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