jeudi 8 juillet 2004


For some reason or another, I am finding out that there is an increasing number of Christians I know or am acquainted with who used to be engaged but have broken it off. It's one thing to have dated someone and split up but it's another thing when that person is now an ex-fiancé or ex-fiancée to someone whom they may never speak with again. At one point in that person's life, they were intent on spending the rest of their existence on earth with this other person. Sure, circumstances get in the way and people change, but marriage is pretty serious business. I guess I don't see why it's something that's becoming commonplace in the 'Christian world'. Is it because people are so eager to get hitched that they overlook glaring flaws that later become problematic? Or that they weren't spiritually compatible (which begs the question of why the relationship began in the first place)? I don't know because it's an issue that has only recently started to surface for me. Any ventures as to why this is happening?

*Disclaimer: If this is something that is personal to you, I hope I didn't come across as rude. I'm not singling anyone's relationship out (how could I possibly?); I'm just looking at the big picture and wondering why it's occurring in Christian's lives. It's something I know zilch about and I would like to learn more so I won't say stupid things to my friends who have gone through it.