samedi 3 juillet 2004

'The other day while I was driving home...'

I had an interesting Canada Day driving up to Edmonton with my best friend for a work-related purpose. We were both dead tired while coming back but we had music like Falling Up, Thousand Foot Krutch and Kutless to keep us awake. Getting back to Calgary, I started to wake up a little to praise God for how great this city is.

There were major parts of the trip that sucked, such as being in a humid, damp city without any chinooks, fighting stupid fireworks traffic without advance warning (the police didn't do much to help) and confusing roads which changed names three times while being on the same stretch. We also got fingered for doing the speed limit! Sheesh, at least in Calgary, people don't even bother giving such a vulgar gesture - they just change lanes. You wouldn't believe how many times we got cut off either or how many times people didn't wave.

Overall, it was an alright time. We got to meet some really nice people and see God do amazing things that day. Lissa got to talk to a man who had been miraculously cured from a car accident he was in. And as we were coming back home, I was able to watch a break in the sky which revealed a full moon. The neat thing was that the clouds were perfectly shaped to look like hands surrounding the moon. In just a few minutes, I watched the moon come out and then slowly get covered again by the 'hands'. Then again, I was so sleepy at that point that I could have been imagining it ;)

God really protected us during the drive up and down. Even though we both intensely dislike that city, He helped us navigate through it. We also went to West Ed and to one of my favourite places, Death by Chocolate. I was sad when I found out that the dolphins were gone but ticked when I saw WEM's new slogan: 'The Greatest Indoor Show on Earth'. Hmm, sound familiar? I really don't see how a mall can have a show inside, but that's just me. Thankfully, we missed the major hail and thunderstorms that whole day.

Anyways, I pretty much have the coolest best friend. She spent her holiday helping me out and providing transportation. Next time we go on a road trip, we'll be sure to avoid the 'City of Champions' though. If you could pray for her grandfather, that would be very much appreciated. I think he's still in the hospital for some breathing problems, and that was a major cause for concern while we were away. Thank you!

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