vendredi 16 juillet 2004

Humming lights

Blogger's changed again, but it's always a pleasant surprise when they do (so far, at least). I've been pretty swamped with work lately, among other things. I was pretty lucky to have missed the downpour last night but the rain was coming down hard when I was about to leave church. Thankfully, the storm didn't affect me on my way home; however, I heard it was horrible for the people living in Springbank or Canyon Meadows.

So, work. One of the nice things about summer internships, besides paying for college, is that it's helped me to identify what I want or don't want in a future career. These last few weeks have been too quiet for my liking. I thrive on activity and being around other people, but when there's almost nobody around, the silence bothers me. It just makes me wish that school has started so I can be around everyone again. There's not enough music in the world to replace fellowship. I hate that I'm an only child because it's twice as bad for me (work plus home) but I'm glad God made it part of my personality that I live off the company of others. Solitude is too common for me. I could never be happy if my job involved me being by myself constantly. Hey... good thing I'm planning on going into ministry ;)

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