vendredi 23 juillet 2004

'Forever's waiting...'

I was listening to RadioU today and heard a song that they used to play last summer. It's called "The Story of Our Lives" by The Echoing Green and after hearing the song again, I listened to their music all afternoon at work. So good, but I can't find their latest releases anywhere in town. The closest I can get to buying "The Story of Our Lives EP" and "The Winter of Our Discontent" would be through Amazon US (Amazon Canada doesn't have the EP and the CD is out of stock). Maybe it's time I made a trip down to the States!

"Tonight our dreams are in our sights,
as we're lifted out of nowhere
with sunspots in our eyes,
we see the glory of our lives
our hearts are burning bright
as we're lifted out of nowhere
our songs all stay behind
to sing the story of our lives."

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