vendredi 30 juillet 2004

August long weekend

This Civic Holiday will be the very first day I've had off this whole entire summer. I have worked every single day since my spring class ended. Internships are great but not always the kindest to students. And the holiday I have on Monday? That will be the only day I get off before I start school again. Actually, my internship ends at the end of August but I have a feeling I'll be called on to help with various stuff before I go back to classes.

This year is going to be the hardest year I've ever faced. I'm taking 40 credit hours on top of a part-time job, church, and other campus activities. I don't even have time to try out for the soccer team (tryouts are at 6:30am - witw!), much less play on it :(

Good news: I'll have no choice but to learn personal discipline. Bad news: I'm not sure I'll survive it....

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