samedi 24 juillet 2004


I'm so thrilled that Febreze has come out with a new Allergen Reducer spray. It's going to be happy news in my home. I got rid of stuffed animals and knick-knacks years ago but nothing helps. It may be that my books are collecting dust but I doubt that it's enough to warrant the horrible daily reaction I get. One huge benefit I see to this problem is that I have no choice but to live a very simple lifestyle. Whoo, I can get started on the "wartime" lifestyle already. This does means that I have to finish cleaning out my room completely and thoroughly this summer. It'll be nice to rid my life of the accumulating clutter and useless junk I used to purchase. It just grieves me that my money used to go towards that stuff rather than things like missions and ministry. I hope to become a better steward of what God has given me. If I can't manage my budget properly now, it will be twice as difficult when I'm in ministry myself!