lundi 7 juin 2004

We Believe

I had the chance to go to the Saddledome tonight for the game. What an experience! I love that Calgary is such a giving city. 100% of the proceeds from the tickets went to the Interfaith Food Bank and I estimate that since they've initiated the tickets, the Food Bank has been getting $95 000 per game. At first, it was a donation to the Food Bank that got people in, but then there was too many people and not enough seats so they had to sell tickets instead. But can you imagine?! Opening up the Dome to bring people together and make it a family event with no alcohol permitted, while supporting charity at the same time. Just love it!

Yeah, so the Flames lost. But as we were walking back to the train station, the spirit was still alive. People cheered each other on and were incredibly kind and... oh, it just makes me so proud of my city. Tampa can have the cup; we have each other! (Yeah, cheesy but very true).

Go Flames Go!

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