mardi 22 juin 2004

The song that inspired this

So, it's been a year since I first started blogging. I don't know if I actually thought I'd last this long, but what an addiction it's been :) Here are the lyrics to the song that inspired the name behind this blog.

After the words have all been said
After the songs are sung
I realize I've only but just begun

Trying to wrap my mind around
Extravagant love come down
Leaves me undone
Finds me with nothing to say

The reach of Your fame
The power in Your name
Your glory surrounds me
It's over my head
It's over my head

The shame of the cross
For all that it cost
Your friendship astounds me
It's over my head
It's over my head

Unquenchable songs and endless praise
A million tongues poised to sing
Could still not convey
The worth that Your name deserves

Beauty for ashes
Joy for pain
Mercy instead of blame
Ruins me for more
I'm lost in Your presence Lord


I'm lost for the words to say
Left here in disarray
Waiting for You, waiting on truth
I've thrown reason overboard
Knowing that there's still more
That I don't yet believe, and I can't yet perceive
I can't seem to understand, I can't seem to find my way
It's over my head, it's over my head
I'm learning this mystery
To trust what I can't conceive
It's over my head, it's over my head
The wonder of all You've made
Foundations Your hands have laid
Bringing me back to my knees to my knees
I'm lost for the words to say
Lost for another way
Ruined for anything other than Your love
I'm desperate to know You Lord
Desperate for what's in store
Finding my hope in only You only You
Take me beyond this door
Lead me to something more
Open my heart for more of You more of You

- "Over My Head", from the album "Tumbling After"
written by Tim and Jon Neufeld, © 2002

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