mercredi 2 juin 2004

On my desk

I'm a sucker for memes, so here's a pretty creative one, courtesy of Jonathan:

1) "Summer 2004 Timesheet... May 30, June 1, June 2, June 3, June 4..."
2) "...Cross-cultural Church Planting, Cultural Anthropology for Intercultural Ministry, Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication..."
3) "Other Options: Works Cited -> only lists sources actually cited in the paper, Works Consulted -> lists all sources consulted when doing the paper whether or not they were cited"
4) BV4503.B622 (Bonhoeffer), BV4501.2.W533 1988 (Willard)
5) "...pre-requisite required, offered alternating years, core courses (require AGPA 2.30)..."
6) Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas
7) "...Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian and Origren, Cyprian and Patristic sources of authority..."
8) "What place do devotional Bible study and prayer have in your life?"
9) "In consideration of others wanting to borrow popular or new items, we request that you return items as soon as possible."
10) "...Reception follows at half after three o'clock..."
11) "In nearly every church, there will be a porcupine or two, with sharp quills of criticism or sarcasm or arrogance." (Our Daily Bread, June 2)
12) "Il est recommandé aux étudiants de consulter le Département à chaque étape de la planification de leur programme."
13) "...Observations - What you observe about the people, verse, etc...."
14) "Be aware, it is the responsibility of the prospective student to arrive on time (preferably early) for their interview." (whoops)
15) "Digital Image is Embedded and Enlarged Past 125%: The image is low-res because it is enlarged past 125% in the layout program and is also embedded in layout file."

Happy Birthday Lissa!