mardi 15 juin 2004

National election

I've been a bit busy lately with work and my non-existential attempts at completing my schoolwork from months prior so I haven't been posting very much. Right now, I'm watching the English debate between the leaders of the Canadian political parties (I'm sad that I missed the French debate last night). I would safely assume that for most Canadians, the choice lies between the Liberals and the Conservatives and at this point, they are both in a tight race for the government. I don't think a lot of people outside Québec will be voting for the Bloc Québécois nor will the NDP gain a majority in this country.

I remember talking about politics and faith in sociology class, particularly how Canada is not as theocratic as the United States is. Faith does not play a major role when it comes to politics here (unless you're Stockwell Day...) so it's interesting trying to reconcile personal convictions with the party's platforms. There's always the balance between social action and religious beliefs. The Liberals are a lot stronger on social welfare programs and public health while the Conservatives want to preserve the traditional definition of marriage and protect the fetus from abortion. On the other hand, on Martin's (Liberal) side, there's the sponsorship scandal that's keeping Canadians from trusting him. On Harper's (Conservative) side, there's his support of the war in Iraq that pacifists have to deal with. Anyways, to keep this short, let's just say Christians have a lot to think about before June 28, 2004.

It's interesting to note that the focus of this election seems to be on accountability.

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