samedi 19 juin 2004

Learning how to live

I love that I get to go to a Christian college! It's something I definitely take for granted numerous times, but today I was reminded of how much of a blessing it is and how God is going to use it to change me more into the person He intends me to be. I am having the time of my (short) life growing in Him and having fellowship with others. Funny thing is I was getting very cynical last year and ranting about how terrible college was becoming. I was pretty bitter at the time (for reasons I've no idea) but throughout the year, God has melted my heart and shown me how I am supposed to be here for a reason.

At the same time, I've become a bit disillusioned with a ministry at church that I was involved in for three years so this is going to be the year to leave to avoid the frustration I've gone through. I guess it's a blessing in disguise because I can devote more energy to my fellow students and pour even more back into my college. September can't come soon enough! I do have to laugh at that because I still have assignments from May to finish up, but I am so eager to start the new year and begin all my classes. And yet, June is half over. I better get cracking on those papers and books if I hope to see another school year!

(My elbow hurts like crazy. Tennis elbow? Not likely. Some extension of carpal tunnel syndrome from being on the computer all day at work and a bit at home? Perhaps. It's really sore and feels like a brick is hanging from it. If bricks could hang from elbows.)

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