lundi 28 juin 2004


Been quite busy lately. I am in love with Chapters (figuratively). I went to the spa this weekend; that was heavenly. I also went to see The Notebook which made me bawl my eyes out. Quite explicit though. Anyways, it gives me the chance to read the book which was recommended to me five years ago by my friend Linda (finally, hey!). Lissa and I then went to greet Gozo who came back from Guatemala, and I happened to run into people from my school at the airport. I cleaned my room and today was a busy day of work, after which I went and voted. Whoo, fulfilled my democratic duty, enabling me to complain freely. I must be a buffet meal to mosquitoes because I got two bites as I walked to the polling station. Now they're swollen and make my legs look um.. gross. Just as long as there's no West Nile, I'm fine. Now I have to write a paper on discipleship for tomorrow while watching the election coverage. It's stinking hot outside and all I want is ice cream. Good stuff.

So Trevor, do I get to say congratulations? :)

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