jeudi 10 juin 2004

In point form

- I'm discovering the strange world of wedding registries.
- Gozo comes back from Guatemala this month!
- The next years of my life are planned out on lists.
- I was asked to work at a concert and had to turn it down :(
- I'm thinking and praying about what to write for my thesis.
- The camera's battery charger is lost and I can't find it.
- I enjoy seeing those old "Hello Calgary" commercials on TV.
- Yay, an election! Crush voter apathy - go and vote for someone.
- Found another classmate's blog. Oh and another one. This is fun.
- There is one movie soundtrack that I could listen to again and again.
- I've lost creativity when it comes to this blog. Sorry you have to suffer.
- When American artists come to Canada, it's all we can talk about. Geesh.
- There are some days when it hurts to smile all day long.
- This month will get better. It should get better.