mardi 8 juin 2004

Downfalls to a public site

I just found out that Theophilus has stopped blogging and shut down his site. I didn't realize for a while because I use Bloglines to read half of my blogs and it wasn't updated for a while. (Side note: Blogger users, please please please syndicate your blogs. Thank you!) Anyways, I found out from Clint's blog the reasons why Theo quit, which was quite sad but understandable. I hope that no one has to go through that sort of thing online.

On an interesting note about blogs, I found out that my boss has one! And through either talking to friends or accidentally stumbling upon them, it seems that some fellow classmates do as well. To me, it's something of a hobby that I don't really discuss with others, unless they bring it up somehow or ask me, which hasn't really happened. But I think there are others who are much more open about it and tell everyone about their blog. I don't think I'll ever reach that stage. Right now, it's still a pretty well-kept secret. As I've written before, I just don't seem like the type of person who would publish their thoughts publicly. Who knows though, I would say about 80% of the people who stop by here are coming off from search engines so I could be found out one day. I read on a blog somewhere once that said something to the effect of, "Always assume that everyone who knows you has read what you've written online." That's a somewhat scary thought!

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