mercredi 12 mai 2004

Tis a bit late

Since I'm the queen of procrastination, it shouldn't be a surprise that I've left this till tonight, but I think I've reminded everybody of it enough already that it shouldn't be too bad. I hate to ask more than once but my job interview is tomorrow morning at 11 MST and I would really love some prayer. I'm terrified and I just realized that it's been five years since I've been in an interview for a job. I've been blessed that I have had jobs offered to me these last few years but now I really need to make sure I get this one. If I don't, I'm back to square one and utterly broke for the summer and the coming school year (with rising tuition and other school costs). So any prayer that I not get nervous or have the desire to throw up would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you so much in advance and I'll update you on the job status as soon as I know anything!

I have decided to stick with HaloScan for my blog comments for the following reasons:
1) For non-Blogger users, they would end up being anonymous and to me, that decreases community. Personally, I always thought it led to less accountability as well when there's no name attached to your words.
2) It takes two pages to get to the point where a person can comment as opposed to a popup window. I don't want to waste a reader's time.
3) It looks ridiculous that only recent posts have comments. I don't want to have to go back to all 400+ posts and turn on the additional comment feature so that every post can have a comment.
4) The link in the field for your name goes to your Blogger profile, not to your blog. Nothing wrong with that but again, it's a waste of time to go through two pages to get to a person's blog.
5) The loading time for the comments page can take forever sometimes. At some points, the page would not even load and I would have to refresh a couple of times just to leave a comment. I'll stick with HaloScan, which I've used since I've started my blog.

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