lundi 10 mai 2004


What do you think of the layout change? I've been working on this for the last few hours, playing around with the code and stuff. Now I have to go back to every post I've written and make sure it looks fine in the new template. I hope you like it - it's such a refreshing change for this summer :) The Flames also won Game 1 today, what a game! My mom considered that enough of a Mother's Day present (she's been a huge fan of hockey for ages) but I'm making it a Mother's Day Week for her.. ack I need ideas!

Blog closed for 'tweaking'.

By the way, I think it's stupid that Blogger indicates what zodiac sign you are in your profile if you provide your birthday. Not all of us believe in that silly superstitious crud, you know. Nor do I care what year I'm born in on the Chinese calendar.

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