dimanche 30 mai 2004

Recycled work

This is a question that I'm curious to hear your take on:

Why is it considered plagiarism if a student reuses original work for more than one course?

I actually know the answer, and I've read a bit about it but it's still one of those things that I think could fit into a grey area. Where is the line drawn, especially if the assignment given is remarkably similar to another that you have already done? Can you quote yourself or would that be self-plagiarism? Should you waste the time to come up with something completely different when you already know it'll be the same? What happens if you are unable to obtain the consent of the first professor to resubmit the work to the second professor?

*Disclaimer: I do my absolute best to be academically honest because as a Christian at a Christian college, that would reflect very poorly on my character if I were to engage in any school misconduct. I'm just asking these questions because I'm sure it's either something students don't think much about or do have an opinion on. I'm curious to hear both. These questions do not reflect anything I have done or will do.

If you would like more information on this topic, here is an excellent site that covers the definition of academic plagiarism. Irving Hexham is a religious studies professor at the University of Calgary.

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