vendredi 21 mai 2004

Real identity

I was randomly surfing some websites last week when I found out about the HAC hoax. To me, the worst of it is that from what I've read, it's a Christian blog listed on blogs4God. The hoax is that the person behind the blog is actually a man who has been caught comment-spamming top blogs on Blogdex. I don't know much else about this controversy since I never really read her/his blog in the first place but I'm pretty sure it looks bad on the Christian blogging world.

Anyways, not that it was ever a huge secret, I thought I should state that Neely is really a nom de plume I use in case anyone suspects that I don't exist in real life. Al wrote this comment: "You can be anonymous or you can have credibility, you don't get both." I'm not sure if I entirely agree with that, but I can see his point. In any case, I'll explain the nickname. I used my name when I first started my blog but I found that other bloggers had the same name, so I played around with the Blogger Tags and stuck <$BlogOwnerNickname$> in place of the author field. I was thinking of switching it back when people started coming to my blog. Rather than confuse everyone, I left it and it's stuck ever since. Neely is a nickname that I got when I went to Los Angeles and I started using it for my email address the last few years. That's it to the story :)

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