vendredi 28 mai 2004

Just a few more papers

I won't be posting anything this weekend because I'll have three major assignments to finish for my spring class. I just want to be done school and actually have a summer!

Here's a snippet of a book I'm reading:

Are We Breaking the Barriers?
For most Christians, the racial barrier is not an intellectual one. The average white evangelical says, "I would accept a black or other minority who attended my church." I believe he means that, but to what degree would he be willing to live in community with minority members? Actually the socioeconomic barrier looms larger than the racial one. Most local churches attract people from a single community that represents a single economic strata. Upper middle class people mix easily, regardless of race, because other common denominators unify them. Sharing community with a person of another race and more meager economic and educational means presents greater problems. However, in more local churches, the opportunity for mixing races and economic stratas remain remote. More relevantly, are we willing to move into different cultures, live among them, and share the Gospel? Are there any unclean ones to whom we will not minister? Are we willing to hear God's voice? The words of Peter stand true today, "Who was I to think that I could oppose God?"

- The Disciple-Making Church by Bill Hull

By the way, I'm a missions major :)

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