lundi 24 mai 2004

Happy Victoria Day!

Okay, I guess it's the Lightning that the Flames will be facing. I don't get why the media is saying that everyone is jumping the bandwagon right now. Sure, if you've always been an Oilers fan and you're now supporting the Flames, maybe, but for most people I know, they've been supporting the Flames throughout the season already and now there's something for them to celebrate. Perhaps I'm speaking as a native Calgarian (right Lissa?) :) I'm referring to local news who keep saying Calgarians are jumping on the bandwagon. It's our home team! It makes no sense.

I'm having a blast creating my own radio station on Launchcast Radio (link via Kristen). All you have to do is rate music genres and Yahoo will determine what music's played on your customized station. My favourite feature is the "Never Play Again" rating, which helps narrow down what music will be played. It's hard to dislike a radio station when it's your own!

I'm going to try and finish all my spring course work today. Whenever I think of Victoria Day, I think of my friends in high school who had to write their IB examinations today because the people in Geneva had never heard of this Canadian holiday. I think they are still bitter about that.

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