samedi 22 mai 2004

Directionally challenged

Well I missed my interview for the film program yesterday, that was fun. It was the last requirement needed before the school would tell me if I got a seat or not and I missed it because I couldn't find the location. After wandering the campus for over half an hour and even after asking for directions, I got nowhere and decided to go home instead. I doubt the school will let me make it up, but it doesn't matter since I'm not going into it this year. It would have been nice to know if I did qualify though.

I just got back from Mike's wedding. I worked with him last summer so it was neat to celebrate today with him and Rach. My other friends are getting married at the same church in a few months, which will be nice since I won't get lost going there again. And yes, it is beginning to feel like everyone is getting married, even though that's not entirely the truth :)

So the Eastern Conference Final wraps up tonight - I'm indifferent to either Philadelphia or Tampa Bay. There are all these polls asking Calgarians who they'd prefer the Flames to play, and I can't decide. All I know is that I want the Flames to get the cup. And once they get it, 17th will be the place to avoid.

*I've changed my mind, I want the Flyers to win.