samedi 8 mai 2004

The answer my friends

It seems there's something wrong with my page when it loads, at least on my browser. For some reason, the comment script is interfering with the rest of the page, giving me only three posts, without the sidebar even coming up. I don't know if I can do anything at this point, but sorry about whatever it is that's doing it.

As I've alluded to before, I've become increasingly frustrated with youth ministry. It's kind of nice because I've figured out today that if I switch out of it, I won't have to take any more spring classes or have 6 class semesters either. I'll get to graduate on time and my fourth year will be absolutely wonderful. I get to write my thesis next year and look forward to a program I'll enjoy. What a relief! All this time, it wasn't my college that was driving me nuts, it was the major I was in!

I just received one of the best emails I've ever gotten and it was from a girl at college that I've really gotten to know this semester who's at home now. She goes to my church when she's at school and the funny thing is if she were still in town, she'd realize that everything she wrote me was exactly what the sermon was about tonight. God works in such coincidental ways :)

*Theophilus and Mrs. Theophilus just had a baby girl, Katelyn Grace! Isn't she so adorable?

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