mercredi 12 mai 2004

Almost caffeine-free

Don't mind me, I'm just having fun playing around with this Hello program that allows you to upload pictures to Blogger for free! I don't have to worry about taking up storage space on Ripway, or go through a bit more work on Buzznet to get things posted.

Seeing as how I don't drink coffee, I feel like I'm in such a minority in this city. I can never really "do coffee" with friends, and my choices are definitely limited whenever I have to go to Starbucks (shudder) or Timmy's. I could be whiny and cry discrimination but I'm used to it now. It just irks me that whenever I go to banquets, the servers always ask if you want coffee, but if you don't drink it, you aren't served a hot beverage unless you ask for tea, and even then you feel weird. It's as if tea or anything else is inferior to the power of coffee in society.

That's why I'm glad Starbucks is doing something about the coffee-challenged, by introducing Summer Frappuccinos without coffee. Finally!! Posted by Hello