lundi 3 mai 2004

All at once I've been told

The game, the game! It's been awesome seeing the countless Flames flags on cars today. The school buses even had stickers and signs decorating their windows. I love the energy that's pervading the city right now. Even my class spent some time talking about hockey today with the prof. I wonder what it'll look like when we make the Final Four! Go Flames go!

In great news, I might have a job for this summer! I'll have to apply and wait to see if I get it, but if I do, what an answer to prayer! I'm still going to trust God no matter what, but it's neat that I get to wait and see His faithfulness in action. In the meantime, I need to condense my resume and get my application ready to go. I also heard back for my program today. I have to go for mandatory testing and an interview this month. At this point, I pretty much know that I won't be going into it, so both stages are a waste of time for me, but if I've already made it to part 2, I might as well go through it. I know I am going to fail the current events test since I haven't had time to watch the news in the last few months so if I don't make it through the process due to that, great! Anyways, I have homework I need to be getting to before I watch the big game tonight. I'm sure I'll be having wings for dinner... :)