jeudi 22 avril 2004

You've got Gmail!

Sweet! I have a Gmail account now! Not that I don't already have enough email addresses already which are all completely full. The nice thing is that I get a free gig of storage here though. And I really hope that I don't get spam in this one. I've already gotten spam in my personal one from the name of a theatre girl who used to go to my college two years ago (what are the odds?) as well as some celebrity and biblical people who have asked if I needed medication in the email I use for this blog. So here's a tip - do not post your email address to your blog. It used to be completely spam-free until I put it up here *doh!*

Anyways, it's hard to believe that school will be over in two days. I have two finals tomorrow, one of which I could miss completely and still get an A in the class, but I won't do that. The other of which I need to study for but haven't bothered looking at the material yet. I also have two assignments I need to hand in tomorrow, which I haven't begun. I am a horrible student!! On top of that I have a party tomorrow night and a banquet on Friday night. I am not deserving of any of these. I did not put in as much work as I should have this semester. And I feel terrible for that. Just remind me that taking 6 classes while dealing with family stuff and extracurricular activities and church involvement is the dumbest thing ever to do. I wouldn't mind a little prayer for tonight, it'll be yet another all-nighter. Thank you, I certainly hope your week isn't as hectic and insane :)

* Make sure you read this very enlightening article to round out your night.. er morning.