lundi 5 avril 2004

Waste of breath

FYI: John Shelby Spong is the Episcopal Bishop from Newark, New Jersey who wrote this about Jesus - that our Lord and Saviour is (in Spong's own mind and creation), "...narrow-minded, vindictive, and even hypocritical...." It makes me wonder why his books are usually placed in the Christianity section in bookshelves.

Other things that boil my blood:
Spong condemns Moses for being a murderer; Joseph for being arrogant and spoiled; Abraham and Isaac for passing their wives off as their sisters; Jesus for being ignorant; Paul for his superiority and being part of the patriarchal system; and God for His needs and prejudices. I guess nobody is right in his eyes, not even God. But then again, he considers God as the "ground of being" and states that the God of the Bible is one He "cannot respect, much less worship."

Does anyone know how exactly he became the Right Reverend, Episcopal Bishop Emeritus? I know nothing about the Episcopal church although I've heard from friends that it is the American version of the Anglican denomination. Drop a comment if you know more about this than I do, which for now isn't enough.

I am not targeting this denomination or bashing it at all (I don't even know anything about it). The fact of the matter is, Spong is a bishop in the Episcopal church, plain and simple. And I just want to know more about either the denomination or why he is a bishop in it at all.