samedi 24 avril 2004


I like lists:
1. All of a sudden, I'm not so sure I want to leave my college and go pursue media studies. Why did I ever think I'd want to do that? Waiting during the selection process is a stinking nightmare!
2. Jill Paquette and Jaylene Johnson are performing at Christian Publications tomorrow morning. This is a cool picture - I recognize those colours ;)
3. I just love this wonderful post by Carly. When she becomes a professional writer, I can always say I used to read her material :)
4. Speaking of great posts, I really like this one by Theophilus. It expresses a lot of the frustration I was feeling in the early months of blogging, but now I'm so busy that I don't have time to read dissenting views from mine.
5. And this is another great post by Kelly McCord. When my friends and I were working on our missionary project, we noticed how fuddy-duddy (read: big honking glasses and refrigerator box dresses) a lot of them appeared on their personal websites. Then we realized that some non-Christians probably thought we looked like that too.
6. How did I get on that topic? Anyways, I have two assignments left and my spring class starts next week. Unfortunately, I don't know what time they start at in the mornings.
7. Someone commented to me tonight at the banquet that God has grown me incredibly throughout all of the turmoil I've faced this year. That was such a wonderful compliment - I hope it's true :)
8. This post by Jonathan is awesome. I remember when I used to think, "I will try to finish my homework in five more songs, then I'll watch TV." Half an hour later, I was still slaving over homework.
9. We are now approaching wedding season. Warning: wedding season ahead, will not die down until after summer. Even then, be ready to hear about engagements.