mardi 6 avril 2004

This year's Vibes

Even though this year's Vibe Awards will be held in Toronto instead (no, I'm not bitter, much), I'm still participating by voting. I did send off one of those applications to be a fan judge but I haven't heard back so I don't think that's happening. It's pretty neat to see a lot of new Canadian artists on the nominees list and some old familiar ones as well. If I can influence you at all in your voting (you just need to be a Canadian resident and 12+ years old to vote), then sweet. If not, here's a commentary anyways (lucky you):

Artist of the Year - It's a tough call between downhere and Jill Paquette, who are both lost to the States now. Either one will be a deserving winner so it can't go wrong there.

Female Soloist of the Year - Carolyn Arends won last year, so Jill Paquette's probably going to get it this year, which would be awesome because she's the youngest nominee here I think.

Group of the Year - Since Starfield's album comes out after the Vibes this year, they won't be getting their 5 wins like last year, but they are up for this category alone. And because I'm so incredibly biased, they should win this one.

Male Soloist of the Year - Poor Riley didn't get one last year, so I think he should win the Vibe for this one. Matt Brouwer's pretty good too, but Riley's been around for so long. I just want to see what interesting outfit he'll put together for this year's ceremony.

New Artist of the Year - Who doesn't love FM Static? They've really built up a name for themselves, even though they're part of Thousand Foot Krutch. Talk about a 'phenomenon' that's big in Canada and especially in the States on RadioU and ZJAM, for example.

Rock/Alternative Album of the Year - Oh if it were possible, they'd all win :) The funny thing is Relient K is nominated because the lead singer is from Ontario. So I wouldn't be surprised if they won, but all the other contenders (downhere, Drench, FM Static and Ten Shekel Shirt) are equally as good.

Seasonal Album of the Year - I'm going to put a plug here for RECC. I hope they win this because it's a recent church plant, and it would be spectacular if they won. The others are a bit more traditional, so I think RECC will stick out.

Contemporary/Pop Album of the Year - It'll either be The Kry since they've been around for a while but more likely Jill Paquette. She could pull another 'Starfield' by winning Vibes for all the ones she's nominated for, in which case it's the exact number as them, 5.

Hard Music Album of the Year - Well Stereotrap was mightily impressive at last year's New Artist Showcase and now that their album is out, I've no doubt all their fans will be voting for them. It could still go to Thousand Foot Krutch though.

Song of the Year - It's going to be between "Crazy Mary" (FM Static) or "Come To Me" (Jill Paquette). Again, it could be Jill's year to win the big five, but "Crazy Mary" is such an addicting song. It'll be a close one for sure.

Ones I don't have an opinion on because I haven't heard of any of these artists; thus, I probably voted for them if I liked their name or province or something:

- Children's Album of the Year
- Jazz/Blues Album of the Year
- Folk Album of the Year - I sure wish Leahy was up for this one!
- Francophone Album of the Year
- Rap/Hip-Hop/Dance Album of the Year - I've only heard of Knights of the Realm.
- Inspirational Album of the Year
- Country/Bluegrass Album of the Year - High Valley sounds good even if they are country/bluegrassish.
- Southern Gospel/Traditional Album of the Year
- Choral Album of the Year - There's a 3/5 chance the Mennonites will get this one.
- Instrumental Album of the Year
- Urban/Soul Album of the Year
- Worship Album of the Year - I've only heard of Corey Doak. Good thing for the others that Starfield's not up this year :)

Hey, it's beginning to look like the Dove Awards, what with these categories and all. But it's still distinctly Canadian with the Francophone category, and how nominations and winners are always broken down into provinces. Sorry for the lack of links for the artists. I've blogged far too much today already. Good night and vote if you can because it's definitely the People's Choice Awards.