mercredi 7 avril 2004

Stuck without plans

I didn't get the internship for this summer that I had my heart set on. I'm disappointed but honestly, not too surprised. And it's too late to apply for any other programs for this summer at this point because the deadlines were all at the beginning of this year. I also want to back out of the youth missions trip (for reasons I won't disclose), but I know I'll be letting everyone down if I do that. Sigh, I've never had a free summer before, but I absolutely need to be doing something, anything! I'll be scouring for any opportunities I can now - travelling or learning, preferably working and getting paid for it so I can pay my huge debt off. I'm sure God will provide, just like He did last summer. But in any case, I'd like to know as soon as possible so I'm not hanging dry after my spring course is finished.

"When you go down that road
There's no turning back
And when you go down that road
It's plain to see that
From out of this bleeding world
There's nowhere else I'd rather go
Than down that road..."
- Leahy "Down That Road"

Huh, this looks like it could be fun: Rate My Professors. Or if you're younger: Rate My Teachers.

[Listening to: Moonlight Shadow - Aselin Debison - Sweet Is the Melody (03:45)]

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