samedi 17 avril 2004


I drove on black ice for the first time tonight. I was incredibly fearful but it was probably the most prayer-filled drive I've had! As for the all-nighter, I wimped out and finally fell asleep. Thankfully though, one of my professors was absolutely gracious and said it was alright if I handed in my final exam on Monday (I know, I know, this doesn't happen in the real world), and for the rest of the assignments, I will either drop them off at the college tomorrow or Monday. It'll just be so nice to be finished everything! I also got away with only having four final exams out of the six classes I'm taking. One this weekend (it's a take-home), one on Monday, and two on Thursday. When I'm finished with those, I'll be stuck in another spring class (after I vowed last year that I would never do it again). There is this one course that I would like to take on discipleship but I don't need it for my program requirements and I won't be able to afford it. Sadly enough, I've already used up all my personal electives.

So far for my summer... well, I'm still undecided about that. I know God will provide for me and that He will put me in the right ministry opportunity but it's just the matter of waiting and seeing if any doors will open. After my disappointment with not getting the internship I was hoping for, anything will look good this late in April.

I am waiting right now to hear from SAIT soon. I don't like that they delay their decisions this late in the year. It doesn't leave a lot of room for preparation and I think that making the deadline for applications earlier would not hurt at all. I applied almost half a year ago and to still be waiting to get through the first process frustrates me to no end. I'd rather that they cut off applications in January (as opposed to end of February, which is the same deadline for May applicants) and begin the selection process in February, letting people know at the latest by March or even April if they've made it or not. But to drag the second process until the end of May is not fair for people who need to make plans and know their immediate future as soon as possible. At this point, I am losing so much motivation for the program that I'll gladly continue at my college instead. I know that the program is "oversubscribed" but why the entire application process could take up to seven months makes no sense. I was accepted into university a week later (another oversubscribed program) and into bible college (hmm, not so much) two weeks later. True, it's competitive but if they let me know that I made it onto the selection process back in December, they should have at least let me send in all my information already. Maybe I just have a low tolerance for patience. It's something God's been working on in me for a while but this thing is stretching me too far. You know, a lot of my friends have complained about this institution; I hate that I have to join in on it.