vendredi 30 avril 2004

Plain Jane

One down, five to go. Ugh, that sounds depressing. I must say, Jane Eyre wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. I would pick Charlotte over Emily (the Brontë sisters) any day. If you've read Wuthering Heights, then you can see why. From a book that is about demonic love to one that is about selfless (although warped in a sense) love, it's not that difficult to choose.

'Humility, Jane,' said he, 'is the groundwork of Christian virtues: you say right that you are not fit for the work. Who is fit for it? Or who, that ever was called, believed himself worthy of the summons? I, for instance, am but dust and ashes. With St. Paul, I acknowledge myself the chiefest of sinners; but I do not suffer this sense of my personal vileness to daunt me. I know my Leader: that He is just as well as mighty; and while He has chosen a feeble instrument to perform a great task, He will, from the boundless stores of His providence, supply the inadequacy of the means to the end. Think like me, Jane - trust like me. It is the Rock of Ages I ask you to lean on: do not doubt but it will bear the weight of your human weakness.' - Brontë: 356

My friends and I are looking forward to this upcoming album. Hard to believe that tomorrow it will be May and I will be indoors reading. Sunny days are slipping away...

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