samedi 17 avril 2004


For the last four months, I have had the wonderful blessing of being able to take part in a course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. Not only has it been a challenging course, it has changed my life direction. I used to have the mentality that missions was something that other people were gifted at, not me. I saw it as one of those lucrative callings that only certain special Christians would have. Although I participated in short-term missions, I didn't see missions as something I would ever participate in for more than a week or so. How wrong I was! This class has helped me to truly understand the Great Commission and the biblical mandate that just as Jesus was sent, so are we also. We spent the first month or so pouring through the Bible and using it as the basis for making disciples of all nations. Then, on that biblical foundation, we moved into more aspects of what it means to be a World Christian. (Don't worry, I didn't say "worldly" Christian - you can't be a worldly Christian if you wish to be a World Christian).

It's been a lot of work so far: fifteen weekly quizzes, five personal responses, almost 700 pages of reading, an integrated project, a midterm and a final; but it has been worth all that time and effort. In just four months, my mentality has changed completely. I went from a selfish model of being afraid of going into the world and choosing to remain in my comfortable lifestyle to one that is heartbroken over the unreached and desirous that all would bow at the name of Jesus.

Here is a snippet of the introduction from the last lesson:
"Now that you have perspective on the world Christian movement you can no longer be an onlooker. Step into the movement. God gives you a place and a role. When God calls anyone, He does not call people to go away from Him to distant places. God always calls His servants closer to Himself. He may call you to be closer to Him as He works among the poor of Cairo, or the Hindus of Delhi, or the Muslims of Jakarta. He may call you to be with Him as He renews His churches in America to risky faith and blazing hope. You may not know where you will go, or what He wants you to do years from now, but you do know the One who has promised to fill the earth with glory. You have embraced the purpose upon which He has set His own passion. You are free to follow Him with the same single-hearted hope."

I remember hearing in class, "You should not ask if it is God's will that you go. You should pray and ask if it is God's will that you stay!" If that's the case, I know I can't remain comfortable in my life or complacent in my faith. In any case, God's going to use my life somehow. I'll be waiting to see where He takes me.

"Your heart I seek to find
With Your hands You fashioned mine
Let me be used to carry out the truth
To the ends of the earth
'Til everyone's heard
My mended heart will share Your words
I will tell the world that You are God"
- Zoegirl "Beautiful Name"

[Listening to: Never Loved You More - Nichole Nordeman - Woven and Spun (03:45)]

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