jeudi 8 avril 2004

"The oldest continual human activity in our history"

I was able to experience a Christian Seder Haggadah today at school and it truly brought everyone into community as we reflected on the day before Christ was crucified. We feasted in celebration and entered the traditional Passover meal setting for an hour. It gave me a new perspective on our spiritual heritage and I loved how symbolism was attached to everything in the Seder. It's so nice to look back at tradition and learn from those before us, rather than detaching ourselves from it. And it meant even more because we were remembering Jesus at His Last Supper and we had the hope of Easter to come.

It's been a long day. On my way home, I almost got cut off by some guy trying to pass me on a steep, curving ramp! Obviously he was in a hurry and didn't mind the fact that he could have rammed into my driver's side. It's hard to be a Christian and a driver at the same time. If I had a Jesus fish on my car, oh I would be a terrible witness to the world. But how do you remain unprovoked when your life is at risk all the time?

Today was a fun day though, I saw Jill Paquette at my church just as I was heading off, which is funny since I just wrote about her and her 5 Vibe nominations. Yeah... well I'm in Canada so celebrity sightings are always that much more exciting. Especially when it's of people that are also very well known in the States (making it doubly awesome).