mardi 20 avril 2004

Not just the only one

I wish my friends had blogs. I feel like such a lone ranger on the web sometimes, especially when I try to explain to people the concept of a blog. They give me that funny glazed look and probably think in their heads, "A blog? I don't get it, why would you do that?" For some reason, it still hasn't caught on to them yet. I've tried the word diary but that sounds so girly. I've mentioned journal before but they don't see why anyone would publish personal details. And although personal website works with some people, they dismiss the technology altogether and think of the cheesy ones that stemmed from 1997. I remember having tons of those old ones, but with blog hosts like Blogger, Live Journal or Xanga, decent-looking sites can be made. How do I get friends to jump on the bandwagon? I know all of them would have such great things to post. Not that I'm dismissing all the great friends I've made online, it would just be nice to match faces to names :)

[Listening to: Socially Acceptable - dc Talk - Intermission: The Greatest Hits (04:48)]

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