lundi 5 avril 2004

Jesus flicks

Hey, on a lighter note today, I played the CSI board game! Apparently, Lissa and I are matched in skill and thinking because we kept getting ties and picking the correct suspect each time, which is probably nice since there's no loser in the game :) I also just watched the annual showing of The Ten Commandments on TV with my family. It's definitely a great bridge that they're into movies like this. The first DVD we ever bought was even Ben-Hur, so all that's left are The Jesus Film and The Passion of the Christ.

I'm actually skipping part of class tomorrow night to watch a documentary on Jesus and Paul on ABC. It's called Jesus and Paul - The Word and the Witness and I'm looking forward to what Peter Jennings will be presenting. I'm pretty disappointed that the panel of experts contains a lot of people from the Jesus Seminar and that Spong will be consulted (don't even get me started on him, it's not worth my breath), but there are other credible scholars I would like to hear from.

And for the ultimate geekiness, I am now a card-carrying club member of the National Film Board of Canada. Alright, so I'm just carrying a username, but it's still pretty cool. You know what rocks? I can get invitations to film premieres and master classes, all for the grand price of free! I wish I had heard about this earlier but better late than never. I won't miss a single documentary now!

On an unrelated note, I found a new blog to read (or rather it found me)! I already have so much to read from, but this is a great one from a guy who is living as salt and light for Christ. So, go check it out, it's Faith Gambler: Sharing the Journey in Faith and Struggles.

Tomorrow is missions catch-up day. I'm behind four chapters, four quizzes, two personal responses, a project, and a final exam. Oh goodness, it will be a full day.