samedi 3 avril 2004

Getting to the end

It is done!! Well, 90% finished. The church planting project that I have been working on with my friends for the last seven weeks has been written up! It took about 80 hours to work on this I think, maybe 90, but we don't have to spend another Friday on it again! Oh I love them and all but the sweet satisfaction of knowing that our biggest paper is complete is indescribable. It ended up being 30 pages in total and all that's left is just editing it and fine-tuning it to be the perfection it is (that I badly want it to be).

So... the previous post about how someone from my church could be reading this blog. That doesn't concern me too much because I've been real in everything I've written. If you go back to my archives, you can see that I sounded so immature at times but that's alright, I've grown up (hopefully). I want to be authentic in everything that I do, and if that is conveyed through my blog, great! I've no qualms about that :)

Anyways, I was mostly in shock when I found this whole thing out because... well think of it this way. Imagine two people on this planet earth who you think will never talk to each other, much less meet each other. Now imagine that these two people actually have this strange and close connection that you never would have thought of. Alright, that was vague but I'm sure you'd be at a loss for words too.

[Listening to: Here Am I - MercyMe - Almost There (04:20)]

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