mercredi 21 avril 2004

Early to bed means no homework done

I'm currently working on my annotated bibliography *cough* or I will begin to. All I need to do is find ten websites, of which I think I've found a few already. It's incredible that all of my assignments now incorporate the internet, computers, and/or other forms of technology. I guess it's something to be said for a 'millennialist generation.' It's hard to remember when I haven't had to use a computer, except for in the very early years of elementary school. But even before junior high, we still had these old-school disks (I'm sure you remember them too, when they used to be truly floppy). Good old Oregon Trail and Bank Street. It's too bad that I can't access any of the data saved on them anymore - I used to write tons of stories everyday. Anyways, that's that for nostalgia.

The Starfield CD comes out in less than a month (May 18th)! If you go to Sparrow Records, you can hear short audio samples of all their songs. There will be six brand new songs (Prelude - not really a song but new nonetheless, Love Break Me, Revolution, Outstretched Hands, Ordinary Life, and All For You) and six old songs that are redone (Filled With Your Glory, Alive In This Moment, Tumbling After, Over My Head, Can I Stay Here Forever, and Cry In My Heart). Here's an article from a few months ago that has more information on the group (via Mac). The following are things that you don't really care about unless you're a fan: Switchfoot also goes by SF and has brothers named Tim and Jon (confusing no?); as well, some CD covers look pretty similar to each other, not that it means much. And I need to stop randomly surfing and finish my assignments. Thank goodness for 100 hours of shuffled music.

[Listening to: Let Me Show You the Way - Michael W. Smith - Live the Life (04:12)]

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