mardi 23 mars 2004


"You've been in the same place your entire life? That is so... odd," a classmate mentions.
"You mean you were actually born here? Do you realize how rare a breed you are?" a cool man named Nick.
"You need to get out more. You haven't even been to more places than your one hand," a friend pointed out.
"You thought Langley was in the middle of nowhere in inner BC?!" exclaims Kat.
"You've been here too long, oh I guess your whole life," my wonderful dad.

I need to go... somewhere. As much as I love home, being here my whole life so far is quite a bit mundane. There's only so many times I can say, "Yes, I'm from here. Born and raised. Uh huh, I know not a lot of people are like that. I'm being serious, I wouldn't joke about this."

In other stuff, my new church is like a city! That's a change of scenery for me :)

[Listening to: I'm Alive - Audio Adrenaline - Lift (03:31)]