mercredi 10 mars 2004


That's the number of consecutive hours that I spent at the college yesterday and this morning. I hadn't planned on staying that long but it was night of prayer and since I've never been to one, I ended up staying. Well, the sudden change in weather added to that as well. And because it didn't start until midnight, I ended up doing yearbook for eight hours. My friend and I were starving at that point and decided to go to Wendy's, but they were closed... except for the drive-thru. I wanted to head back and get my car but my friend insisted we try walking through the drive-thru. I'm sure you can imagine two girls standing in the snow in between two cars with hunger pangs and cold ears. The nicest thing was that there were some guys in a car behind us who were telling us it wouldn't work and offered to share so we could get food. As you probably already figured out, we couldn't be served and we were forced to go back and actually "drive through." So much for my rebellious adventure.

I did get to do something other than yearbook last night though. I was able to experience the "Prayer Labyrinth"! It was so powerful and I loved how interactive it was. It was a pretty neat night, even if I only took part in this labyrinth, but my school was set up with worship stations throughout - where people could take part in art, dance, video and other things. I wish I would have been able to participate the whole night, but I ended up doing more yearbook instead. I finally had breakfast at 6 this morning and went home as soon as I could to sleep. The great news is that the yearbook is at least two-thirds finished. The bad news is that everything else that needs to be finished, can't be, because it's dependent on other people and the deadline is by the end of this week. Thankfully, I have concluded that I will never, ever again, in my life be compelled to take on the yearbook. No sane person should ever do that.

[Listening to: Please Come - Nichole Nordeman - This Mystery (04:26)]

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