mardi 30 mars 2004

The traffic is stuck...

This has been my life lately: Procrastination at its worst, thanks to the power of the couch, resulting in me looking like this.

Anyways, I got a chance to see Jersey Girl tonight and it's absolutely the most blasphemous movie I've seen to date. I thought it was going to be a light-hearted comedy, but instead I got crude, sacrilegious junk. I do not recommend that anybody go see it. The only redeeming thing to come of it was the little girl who played Gertie, but even then the film was filled with much profanities (including the breaking of the 3rd majorly) where even some spewed from the little girl! Oh well Lissa, best four out of five, right?

I have a school production coming up. I've been asked to help with the tech but it's not with the usual crew I've worked with over the last few years. But here are some pros for doing the tech: more experience under my belt, free ticket, work with a different crew, learn in a new environment. And here are some pros for attending the show instead: no technical distractions, get to enjoy the show, really hear the music, be with my friends.

I have one day to decide. I wish I was more decisive.

[Listening to: Beautiful Day - Sanctus Real - In the Name of Love (04:21)]

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