jeudi 4 mars 2004

The torture begins

Well, since I made the selection process for the program I applied for, I need to do a ton of stuff for the first phase. I need to do a cover letter, write an extremely thorough resume with a full list of required guidelines (I even have to describe my assignments in college and figure out my WPM typing skills - anyone know how I can do this?), submit three reference letters and write a research paper, all just to qualify for an interview, upon which I will be subjected to testing and a bunch of other things in the second phase. Man, getting into university was easier than this! All I needed to do was pay a lot of money for the application and send in my grades; that was it! And within a week, I was notified that I got early admission. Whereas here, it's almost as if I was trying to get into a university in the States or something. Maybe not, since all they need is a minimum of 60% in English 33. Huh, well that's one thing I certainly don't have to worry about :)

Guess I needed something else to do on top of everything on my plate, right? Speaking of which, I need to go write two quizzes for tonight. Oh, the joys of school. Whoops, another question for you, do you think having a blog counts for articles written? I'm wondering if I should stick this into my resume.

[Listening to: Perfectly Heartless - Mitch Dalton - The Importance of Being Earnest (06:00)]

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