mardi 16 mars 2004

This is a repost, because I need your help :)

Since I made the selection process for the program I applied for, I need to do a ton of stuff for the first phase. Basically, I'm trying to "sell" myself to get into this program, and I'm having a little trouble with a few of the criteria. I was wondering if you would be able to assist me on any of the following for this screening I'm going through. If you could either leave me a comment or email me, I would be so grateful for your help! So...

- How do I get started on a killer cover letter? (And what is its format? I've never had to write one before.)
- I need to figure out my WPM typing skills - anyone know how I can do this?
- Do you think having a blog counts for articles written?
- How would I provide proof of basic computer literacy?

Thanks again in advance for any input you can give. Some of this stuff is a little weird, but it's what's being requested.