lundi 29 mars 2004

Real live arts

This is exactly what I need.

I just love downtown. I used to live near there when I was younger and I was able to navigate its familiar streets for much of my life. Because my school was located downtown, my friends and I were there 24/7, making it our haven. There was always something neat to do: going to the central library, checking out the quirky record shops uptown, finding little independent t-shirt shops, eating from the food vendors along Stephen Ave, riding the train around for fun, hanging out at the Gardens, or just randomly walking around in no particular direction, knowing that around every corner was something that would be a new adventure. I miss those carefree days. (The only downfall is driving around in it, which I avoid doing so at all costs, but I'll attempt it again one day.)

"...Lift your gaze from the pavement
From the streets
That we've crossed a thousand times before
Dry your eyes
There are birds singing on lamp posts...
We were walking downtown yeah
My favourite part of town..."
- Copeland "Walking Downtown"