jeudi 4 mars 2004


Things I've caught in passing lately:

- "You have such a gangster car. I want one just like it."
- (upon hearing that a certain missionary in history married this woman who just stepped into his carriage or something like that) "Oooh, that sounds easier than Bible college!"
- "Haven't you heard? Brown is the new black!"
- (referring to the Passion) "The guy who plays Jesus is so hot! Uhh, wait, is it bad if I say that?"
- "Hey, I've been dubbed the perfect girlfriend by more than one internet quiz!"
- "You sit in the back of the sanctuary? Oh, you must be a heathen."
- "Maybe the rapture just occurred and it missed all the Bible college students."

The latter two were said tongue in cheek so nobody was offended. 2 points each if you can guess who said what. Points not redeemable for anything, just personal satisfaction.

[Listening to: These Ordinary Days - Jars of Clay - The Eleventh Hour (03:05)]