dimanche 21 mars 2004

It is finished

I technical directed the very last morning services at my church today. And next week, I will be working again on the very first services at the new church campus. It's such a strange feeling to know that I had the honour in helping bid farewell to this chapter of my church's history. It'll be something cool to tell my kids one day :)

I toured the new building, and it is absolutely incredible. This is going to be the busiest week ever, since we will be helping move everything from the current location to the new one. I'm thrilled that next week, we will be able to worship in a larger sanctuary, without having to turn people away for lack of room or have people sitting on the floor just to listen to the sermon. God is going to use this building for His glory and I can't wait to serve Him even more!

I am going to sleep now, after having gone for almost 30 hours without any. I can be very foolish sometimes. Alright, all of the time. Good night!

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