mercredi 24 mars 2004

I am resuming from resumes

I'm currently working on all that self-promotion stuff (ie. my resume) and it's taking forever! I've spent at least fifteen hours on it already and I'm only halfway through. It's not one of those short one-pagers as they should be, no I'm supposed to write the most thorough resume that I possibly can, meaning I'm on page seven right now. I think that's a tad ridiculous but the school asked that I include a list of all the post-secondary courses I've taken, with a description for each class, in my resume. So two and a half pages are devoted to just that requirement. Ugh, not to whine, but it feels like I'll never get this done! And this is just so I can get an interview. Well, at least for the future I know that I have a plethora of information I can pull from (eleven pages worth). This is all frightfully boring, but after tomorrow there will be no more talks about resumes!

[Listening to: College Kids - Relient K - Two Left's Don't Make a Right... But Three Do (03:28)]